June 17, 2024

Spiber Raises JPY 10 Billion To Scale Brewed Protein Production

Bio-manufacturing startup Spiber Inc. has successfully concluded a fundraising round, securing over JPY 10 billion, including additional investments from existing shareholders. This funding infusion will fuel the acceleration of mass production of its innovative Brewed Protein materials and facilitate global sales, further advancing the circular economy.

Spiber’s Brewed Protein material represents a breakthrough in material science, developed and refined over 15 years of research. Utilizing proteins, a fundamental component of earth’s ecosystem, the company aims to establish a circular economy in harmony with nature. Through cutting-edge biotechnology, Spiber designs proteins at the DNA level and manufactures them via a proprietary microbial fermentation process using plant-based raw ingredients.

Recognized for their sustainability and potential, Brewed Protein materials have garnered significant attention from investors and consumers. Spiber has collaborated with numerous apparel brands and partners, resulting in the launch of products by 15 domestic and international brands. To meet growing demand and evolving needs, the company is enhancing its production system and R&D platform.

Kazuhide Sekiyama, Director and Representative Executive Officer of Spiber Inc., expressed gratitude for the support and confidence of investors, financial institutions and partners. Despite challenges in the startup fundraising landscape, Spiber remains committed to advancing biotechnological foundations for a circular society.

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