April 22, 2024

Stäubli Expands In Hangzhou With R&D And Manufacturing Base

Stäubli, a global leader in automation and textile solutions, proudly unveils its new Yinhai R&D and Intelligent Manufacturing Base in Hangzhou, China. Located close to its existing production site, this 25,000 square-meter facility signifies a major step in Stäubli’s growth strategy and dedication to serving its Chinese customers effectively.

Gerald Vogt, CEO at Stäubli Group, emphasized the significance of this expansion, acknowledging China’s immense potential as a market. The facility is designed to foster innovation and collaboration and aligns with Stäubli’s commitment to sustainability.

To achieve carbon neutrality in the long term, the base features solar panels on the rooftop, meeting 15% of yearly electricity needs. Advanced insulation materials and technologies within the building itself reduce reliance on energy-consuming air conditioning and heating systems, significantly lowering energy consumption.

Stäubli’s new Yinhai R&D and Intelligent Manufacturing Base not only enhance its customer service capabilities but also demonstrate the company’s dedication to environmentally responsible growth. This expansion underscores Stäubli’s commitment to delivering top-notch solutions while minimizing its ecological footprint in China.

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