April 20, 2024

Supima Cotton Shipments To India Impacted By Import Duty

The import duty of 11 percent imposed by India on cotton imports has had an impact on shipments of Supima cotton to India.

This was stated by Marc Lewkowitz, CEO of Supima who was in Coimbatore to take part in the Cotton Day 2023 programme, organised by Cotton USA.

“The duty is a disincentive for garment brands that want to source and import products made of Supima cotton from India,” Lewkowitz told the Hindu.

“The production of extra long staple cotton in India is very low and so India has nothing to protect by imposing duty on Supima, which is an extra long staple US cotton brand. Rather it is taking away opportunities for Indian textile mills,” he added.

The Supima CEO also added there is a shortage in availability of extra long staple cotton this year globally.

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