June 17, 2024

TeraSpin Adopts Lean Manufacturing on Spindle Insert Assembly Line

In October 2023, TeraSpin, a manufacturer of spinning drafting components inaugurated its lean manufacturing line, a spindle inserts assembly line, which completely follows principles of ‘Lean Manufacturing’.

TeraSpin, a business unit of A.T.E Group is in to manufacturing of spinning drafting components like top arm, top roller and spindles and supply these components to OEM’s as well as in after-market sales in India and several other countries.

Lean manufacturing focuses on seven wastes, viz. Transportation, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Over-processing, Over-production, and Defects. It also focuses on the eighth waste which is termed as, ‘Unused Human Potential.’

The benefits of lean production for TeraSpin are reduction in transportation by 66 percent and inventory reduction by 80 percent.

“The material flow also follows the ‘Just in Time’ principle, which has also resulted in improved efficiency of the operations.

The efficiency of the manufacturing line has also improved by 10 percent, while the rejection percentage of overall production is less than 0.5 percent,” Hemant Apastamb, Vice President – Operations, at TeraSpin said.

“The main goal of lean manufacturing is optimisation of resources which include manpower, materials, and machines. It also works on the principle of everything being in the right numbers or optimum, neither excessive nor less than required,” he explained.

According to Hemant Apastamb, the costs of implementing Lean principle compared to the benefits or savings is very negligible.

“We gave our manpower more importance than the other resources while we were in the stage of implementing Lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing was a big change for our manpower, as adapting them to the change was the most important factor as it created a sense of ownership among our operators,” he stated.

TeraSpin is supplying its components to OEM’s like LMW and recently started working with Rieter India and Marzoli and is also exporting to around 23 countries with Bangladesh, Indonesia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and South Africa being their key export markets.

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