Trevira Renamed As Indorama Ventures Fibers Germany

Germany based Trevira GmbH which was acquired in 2011 by Thailand headquartered Indorama Ventures, has now been renamed as Indorama Ventures Fibers Germany GmbH.

In the last few years, Indorama Ventures has made several acquisitions and now has 147 locations in 35 countries and employs more than 26,000 people in three business segments.

“To strengthen the corporate brand “Indorama Ventures” and provide a consistent brand experience for all stakeholders, Indorama Ventures is now consolidating the names of all its associated companies under the corporate umbrella brand,” the company said.

“The Trevira product brands like Trevira CS, will continue to be valid and customers can therefore now submit their products to Indorama Ventures Fibers Germany GmbH for trademark testing and receive Trevira trademark approvals,” Indorama Ventures added.

Indorama Ventures generated revenues of US $18.7 billion from its three business segments PET; Integrated Oxides & Derivatives; and Fibres.

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