June 17, 2024

UCC’s Mantra – Offer Products With Best Price Performance Ratio

Unispin Card Clothing (UCC), a manufacturer of metallic wires, flat tops, fillets and stationary flat tops for carding machines’ business mantra, is to provide value proposition to their customers by offering products with the best price performance ratio.

“Customers stand to gain economically, when buying our products. Add to that, we offer quick deliveries and best after sales service to the customer. Through all this, we are able to withstand competition,” K Ravichandran, GM (Marketing) at UCC, said while speaking with Textile Insights.

UCC had a humble beginning in 2002 and started off with the name of Lakzer Card Clothing. At that point, the company manufactured ‘C’ cleaner systems and stationary flat tops. In 2009, UCC imported a European plant and began manufacturing a complete range of card wires.

“Our name was then rechristened to Unirols Card Clothing India Pvt Ltd and again changed to the present, Unispin Card Clothing India Pvt Ltd, and markets its products under the ‘UCC’ brand name,” K Ravichandran explained.

UCC has facility to manufacture metallic wires, flat tops, fillets and stationary flat tops for short staple fibre processing carding machines and metallic wires suitable for nonwoven carding machines and also for manufacturing fabric raising fillets.

The Coimbatore based company also supplies open-end spinning combing roller wire mounting service at its factory and has an annual capacity to roll out 2,400 sets of card wires.

UCC is known for offering end to end product solutions for carding. It also supplies saw tooth wires for blow room machines, end to end card wires for carding machines, and open end spinning machines combing roller wires.

“Customers can source all their card wire requirements under the umbrella of the UCC brand. We also have a set of trained engineers, through whom we offer card survey facility, wire mounting services and fine tuning services to our customers,” he added.

UCC has around 14 agents located in every textile centre across India. Additionally, the company also has its own sales team located at Coimbatore, Bhilwara and Panipat. UCC also exports to Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Egypt and Turkey.

“We also have a dedicated R&D centre and have a two pronged approach to R&D. First, we focus on developing existing products. Through this, we keep updating our existing product range to improve performance and lifespan of our products,” K Ravichandran stated.

“Secondly, we keep a close watch on new carding machine models being rolled out as new card wire products are introduced with the new high speed carding machines. The R&D centre also develops products to cater to requirements of these new models,” he informed.

In addition, the company also manufactures and supplies customised products in metallic wires, flat tops and fillets. UCC has also recently launched ‘Unimax’ and ‘Unistar Plus’ cylinder wires for cotton processing cards and will also be unveiling new flat tops soon for cotton processing cards

When asked on any planned capacity expansion or new investments, K Ravichandran informed that they already have spare installed capacities available with them, and this will be utilised, based on increase in customer demands.

“We expect a consistent year on year growth in the spinning industry. We see spinning capacity expansion on one side and modernisation taking place on the other side. These two factors are contributing to our growth,” he added when quizzed about future prospects.

“We are finding a very good opportunity for growth within our country as well as the overseas markets that we serve. Our market share is increasing gradually and we are hopeful of better market conditions in the future,” he concluded by saying.

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