June 17, 2024

UNIDO Launches Project In Tirupur To Eliminate Hazardous Chemicals

Stakeholders from the textile and apparel industry convened in Tirupur for a crucial consultation aimed at addressing the pervasive use of hazardous chemicals in India’s textile supply chain. Organized by the Tirupur Exporter Association and Dyers Association of Tirupur, this stakeholder consultation is part of a new program initiated by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and Ministry of Textiles (MoT), focusing on eliminating hazardous chemicals from the apparel fashion supply chain in India.

UNIDO, in collaboration with GEF and MoT, will undertake a comprehensive project in the textile industries of Tirupur, with a primary focus on various environmental issues, including the reduction of hazardous chemicals and energy conservation.

A meeting was convened at the Tirupur Exporter Association & Dyers Association of Tirupur to discuss various aspects of the project. The stakeholders delved into topics such as circular business models, innovative materials, cleaner production methods, and sustainable practices to address energy, water, waste generation, pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions in the textiles sector. Of particular concern were the disposal of dry sludges, rejection of salt treatment, and the implementation of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) / Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP).

Key figures present at the meeting included K. M Subramanian, President of Tirupur Exporter Association; Dr. Pankaj Kumar, National Project Coordinator of UNIDO; P. Gandhirajan, President of Dyers Association of Tirupur; T. R. Srikanth, President of Tirupur Export Knit Printers Association; Govindappan, Secretary of South India Hosiery Manufacturers Association – Tiruppur; Pavan Kumar ASCI, Secretary from Tirupur Exporters and Manufacturers Association; Dr. Vijaya Kumar, Senior Advisor; and S. Periasamy, Advisor of AIC-NIFTTEA Incubation center for Textile and Apparels.

The consultant appointed under the project will conduct assessments in approximately 50 industries in Tirupur and prepare a comprehensive project report under the UNIDO-GEF initiative for the Ministry of Textiles.

“The major focus of this project is to prevent the use of hazardous chemicals and replace them with safer alternatives, while also addressing process heat applications and water consumption in the industry,” stated KM Subramanian, President of Tirupur Exporter Association.

Dr. Kumar emphasized that while the project is currently in the project preparation phase, it is scheduled to commence by the end of December 2024 or January 2025, aiming to support all eight identified clusters under the UNIDO-GEF initiative for MoT.

The attendees actively engaged in discussions, exchanged valuable feedback, and contributed suggestions to further enhance the effectiveness of the project in achieving its objectives.

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