April 20, 2024

Union Govt Taking Steps To Address Uncontrolled Textile Imports

The Union Government is taking adequate steps to address the issues of lack of demand and uncontrolled imports in the textiles sector.

This was informed by Union Textiles Secretary Rachna Shah in a press conference held in New Delhi.

“We are monitoring surges in textile imports which will be addressed, while QCO on textile materials will assure quality of imported products, while controlling import of substandard textiles,” she said.

Speaking on the sluggish demand from main textile and garment exports markets of the US and EU, she said that India will fully exploit FTAs with countries like UAE, Japan and Australia.

Additionally, the Union Government is also strengthening existing major markets for textiles and apparels, while it is also in negotiations for FTAs with various other countries.

Shah pointed out factors like competitiveness, logistical costs and value chains that are spread out across the country which are impacting exports.

“Schemes such as PM Mitra and Production Linked Incentives (PLI) will scale up production and address various issues, including exports,” she stated.

She also expects that the global launch of Kasturi brand cotton will help in targeting the premium quality segment of cotton.

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