Vandewiele Sweden Unveils First Of Its Kind B2B Ecommerce Store

Vandewiele Sweden, which is the result of a merger between Aros Electronics AB and IRO AB has launched a first-of-its-kind new B2B ecommerce platform or web store developed in Sweden.

The company which is a subsidiary of Vandewiele Group has taken on the task of developing the digital solution that will successfully meet the future demands for Vandewiele Group customers worldwide.

“One of the main challenges faced by B2B websites is in building a coherent online narrative for products that have traditionally relied on in-person dialogue,” Henrik Kruse, Vandewiele Sweden’s ASM said.

“Another challenge, of course, is that every customer should have a positive experience regardless of where they are in the world and via whatever internet connection they are operating with,” Kruse added.

The team has developed a user-friendly interface that exploits the latest exploding view diagrams to ensure customers can easily identify and order the components they need, all within a 1:1 digital representation.

“The next stage in 3D technology is set up and ready, although it awaits implementation and market readiness to fully integrate and utilise its features,” the company said in a press release.

Adopting a phased approach, the company is initially introducing its IRO-branded accessories, spare parts and gauge parts, targeting textile mills, weavers and distributors.

The platform has been carefully crafted to cater to the varying needs of its diverse clientele, offering streamlined direct sales and a transparent commission structure for agents and distributors.

“With this project we need to walk before we can run. The foundation is an advanced, user-friendly webshop for the customer that prioritises function and simplicity,” Kruse explained.

The initial focus has been on products where there are few variables and thus no possibility of making the wrong selection.

However, in the not too distant future the company will test with machines that can fit this digital format.

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