April 17, 2024
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Vietnamese Garment Exporters Launching Own Brands Worldwide

Vietnamese clothing manufacturing companies are actively launching and promoting brand development, with many of planning to introduce these brands in various countries.

These companies began by introducing ‘Made in Vietnam’ apparel brands in the domestic market and then started launching them in overseas markets

For example, May 10 Corporation has recently introduced two brands. Generos and DeTheia. Generos targets younger customers, aiming to bring a new and dynamic style, while DeTheia offers high-end products for women.

In addition to these two product lines, May 10 has invested in designing and launching various fashion products with diverse styles, rich materials and trendy designs in line with Vietnamese and international fashion trends.

Products like Eternity GrusZ, May10 M series and the ECO product line, featuring natural raw materials like silk, linen, etc have been introduced, promoting environmental friendliness and user well-being.

Thân Đức Việt, CEO of May 10 Corporation, said the company has developed numerous collections to meet all customer needs.

With a workforce of 12,000 employees, including over 300 designers, sample development and market development teams, the company aims to increase sales of their own brands.

In addition to exports, May 10 has built its own brand for the domestic market and sells its products domestically, similar to global fashion brands.

This approach has allowed the corporation to gradually expand its presence in the global market by exporting its brand instead of just acting as a job worker for global garment brands.

Similarly, Vietnam Textile and Garment Group (Vinatex) has also successfully established its position in the domestic market.

It has well-known brands such as Viettien, Viettien Smartcasual San Sciaro, Manhattan, T-up, Vietlong and Camellia and operates over 1,300 retail stores in Vietnam.

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