April 22, 2024

Wazir Advisors Joins ITMF for Global Textile Growth

In a significant move towards fostering international collaboration and industry growth, Wazir Advisors, a premier Indian management consulting firm, has announced its membership in the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) as a corporate member. As a seasoned and highly networked player in the global textile and apparel industry, Wazir Advisors brings decades of expertise and knowledge to the ITMF community.

“We are thrilled to join ITMF as a corporate member and expand our network among distinguished groups of industry leaders and experts. Wazir Advisors is committed to sharing valuable insights and thought leadership contributing to the goals of ITMF. We look forward to actively participating with ITMF to enhance the future of the textile and apparel industry,” said Varun Vaid, Business Director, Wazir Advisors.

Wazir Advisors and ITMF share a common vision of a sustainable, innovative, and resilient textile and apparel industry. The collaboration is expected to facilitate knowledge exchange and foster international partnerships, promoting growth and business excellence in the global textile and apparel industry.

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