April 17, 2024

Webspector Automated Fabric Inspection System Becomes A Hit

Shelton Vision after having demonstrated its WebSpector automated fabric inspection system detecting faults on camouflage fabrics at speeds of up to 100 metres a minute at ITMA 2023 has secured an unprecedented number of new orders.

“The company has subsequently been recruiting additional staff in order to beef up its operations to meet delivery times and to grow capacity for the ongoing increased demand,” the UK headquartered company in a press.

“We are definitely seeing a ‘sea change’ across the textile industry, with a new generation of management rapidly embracing imaging technology and fully automated fabric inspection,” Shelton Vision CEO Mark Shelton said.

“Studies show that at best, manual inspection can detect around 65 percent of faults present in the fabric, while the WebSpector offers automated defect detection of over 98 percent,” he added

Building on its market leading vision system for plain, single colour textiles, Shelton’s patent-pending image processing techniques recognise and adapt to complex patterns – even those on fabric with significant distortion and deformation.

Fabrics are not rigid and can be sheared or stretched while also being subject to local distortion, but the WebSpector system successfully deals with such anomalies in real time to provide a reliable inspection process at the same levels of plain fabric.

The unique and advanced software techniques ensure a totally clean image, allowing the full detection of faults on fabrics running at high speeds.

To fully demonstrate and provide new customers with the opportunity to see the technology operating on their own fabrics, Shelton has invested in creating a purpose-built, full scale high speed in-house demonstration system at its headquarters in Leicester, UK.

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