June 17, 2024

Write the World And Patagonia Partner To Host Teen Environmental Writing Competition

Write the World and Patagonia have teamed up to launch an environmental writing competition for teens worldwide. The contest, running until Earth Day on April 22, 2024, invites young writers to share their experiences and activism against the climate crisis in their communities.

David Weinstein, Founder & CEO of Write the World, highlights the competition as a platform for youth to express their connections to nature and advocate for environmental protection. He emphasizes the power of young voices in driving transformative change.

Patagonia’s Editorial Director Brad Wieners underscores the importance of self-expression in environmental advocacy, noting the company’s commitment to climate and environmental activism.

Teenagers aged 13-19 are encouraged to submit their reflections on their relationship with nature and the impact of climate change on their lives. Winning entries will be selected by Jennifer Sahn, Editor in Chief at High Country News.

The competition aligns with Write the World’s mission to empower young people as global citizens through writing. Submissions will be published on their website for peer review by the international youth writing community.

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