April 17, 2024

Zara Owner Inditex Sourcing 2,000 Tons Of Renewable Fibre

Inditex owner of various brands like Zara and Pull&Bear is set to integrate the innovative pulp – Circulose, made by Swedish company Renewcell from textile waste, into its apparel collections.

Under an agreement with the fibre producer Tangshan Sanyou, which carries out the industrial process of transforming the pulp into textile fibre, Inditex´s suppliers will acquire the first 2,000 tons of raw material made from a blend of Circulose and cellulose sourced from sustainably-managed forests.

“Renewcell has commissioned its first industrial-scale plant for the production of Circulose, an innovative textile pulp made from cotton waste that is recycled in a chemical process,” Inditex said in a press release.

As part of its plans for the staggered introduction of this new material, Inditex will continue to add this fully-recycled pulp to its fabrics over the coming seasons through its extensive network of suppliers.

The addition of this new fibre to Inditex’s ranges marks a step on the roadmap established by the Group to meet its commitment of only using textile fibres with a smaller impact on the environment by 2030

This implies that atleast 25 percent of its fibres will come from next-generation fibres that currently have no industrial scale, in line with Canopy’s efforts to champion next-generation cellulose fibres.

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