June 22, 2024
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Zudio Opens 203 New Stores In India In FY 2023-24

In the financial year 2023-24, Zudio, a prominent retail fashion brand under Trent Ltd, made significant strides by adding 203 new stores to its growing portfolio. This expansion brings the total number of Zudio stores to 545 across 164 cities, enhancing its presence in numerous micro-markets across India. The brand’s commitment to accessibility and fashion-forward offerings has driven its rapid growth, positioning it as a key player in the fashion retail sector.

Zudio’s footprint increased significantly with the addition of 203 new stores and the consolidation of 10 existing ones. Each store, averaging around 10,000 sq ft, represents an investment of approximately Rs 3-4 crore, covering capital expenditures, deposits and inventory. The brand entered 46 new cities and bolstered its presence in 48 cities, highlighting its strategic focus on broadening its reach. The expansion included new stores in diverse states, with notable presence in Maharashtra (86 stores), Gujarat (82 stores), and Karnataka (58 stores), among others.

Zudio achieved impressive sales metrics, with 90 T-shirts, 20 denims, 19 fragrances, and 17 lipsticks sold every minute. The beauty segment saw substantial growth, with fragrance unit sales increasing from 25 lakhs in FY22 to 131 lakhs in FY24, and lip cosmetics from 8 lakhs to 98 lakhs in the same period.

Zudio’s success is anchored in its ability to offer fashion-forward, high-quality merchandise at compelling price points. The brand’s strategy involves minimizing lead times to quickly bring new collections to market, all while sourcing almost entirely from within India. This approach not only ensures speed and flexibility but also aligns with Zudio’s commitment to accessibility and sustainability.

The company’s integrated supply chain and control over the value chain are critical components of its sustainable business model. As Zudio continues to expand, its focus on providing an exceptional customer experience through experiential stores and proximate presence remains a top priority.

Looking ahead, Zudio aims to maintain its growth trajectory by further enhancing its market presence and continuing to innovate in the fashion and lifestyle segments. The brand’s resilient and scalable model positions it well to adapt to evolving consumer trends and maintain its competitive edge in the retail industry.

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