June 22, 2024
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Aditya Birla Fashion Unveils ‘Fashionabling Earth’ 3D Book At Bharat Tex 2024

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited (ABFRL) unveiled its “Fashionabling Earth,” a 3D coffee table book at Bharat Tex 2024. The book is aimed at providing an immersive and inspiring experience. Going beyond conventional reading, this book integrates interactive 3D features and captivating pop-up images to breathe life into sustainable stories. Reflecting ABFRL’s deep commitment to environmental preservation, it showcases the company’s achievements in circularity, renewable energy, zero waste management and CSR initiatives. Through engaging storytelling and visually stunning presentations, the book offers insights into ABFRL’s journey towards sustainability excellence.

Dr Naresh Tyagi, Chief Sustainability Officer at ABFRL, emphasizes how “Fashionabling Earth” embodies the company’s dedication to three pillars of sustainability: clean by-design products, sustainable operations and inclusive communities. As India’s largest pure-play fashion and lifestyle player, ABFRL strives to lead by example in addressing climate change.

ABFRL’s sustainability endeavours have yielded remarkable results, ranging from eco-friendly packaging to effective waste management and emission control. Looking forward, ABFRL has reaffirmed its commitment to embedding sustainability into its ethos and daily operations, setting new industry standards. Ambitious goals include developing a net-zero built environment, with a focus on efficiency, renewable energy adoption and community empowerment activities over the next decade.

At Bharat Tex, ABFRL collaborates with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on circularity initiatives in the textile and apparel industry. Their joint initiative, supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), aims to promote circularity through innovative approaches. This The booklet “Unearthing Innovation – Leading The Way For Circular Textiles in India” was also launched at Bharat Tex 2024. This booklet compiles insights from the Circularity Innovation Challenge conducted by GIZ India and ABFRL in 2023, offering valuable resources for stakeholders.

Jaypore’s initiatives at Bharat Tex showcase a blend of traditional Indian motifs with sustainable materials, reflecting the brand’s support for artisans and commitment to craftsmanship. Through innovative digital displays and interactive elements, Jaypore enhances visitor engagement, creating a unique environment that celebrates Indian heritage and sustainability.

ABFRL’s commitment to sustainability is further highlighted through the Sustainability 3D Installation Box at Bharat Tex. This immersive experience provides visitors with tangible insights into the environmental impact of fashion packaging, showcasing ABFRL’s achievements in sustainability.

Meanwhile, Van Heusen has introduced pioneering digital initiatives at Bharat Tex, partnering with Hungama’s Heftyverse to offer a fusion of entertainment and fashion in the virtual realm. With Avatar Customization, users can personalize their avatars with Van Heusen outfits and share their stylized looks on social media. This innovative offering not only enhances user engagement but also integrates seamlessly with the brand’s e-commerce platform, enabling users to effortlessly purchase their favourite styles.

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