April 22, 2024

Ahmedabad Textile Process Units Veer Towards Digital Printing

Ahmedabad based standalone textile process and printing factories are installing digital textile printers, even though they are faced with slowdown in demand since the last one year.

“Cotton price volatility has impacted the entire value chain, leading to fewer orders, making us wary of holding significant inventories,” Naresh Sharma of the Ahmedabad Textile Processors’ Association told ToI.

“Around 50 process houses have purchased or placed orders for these machines in the past three months. These digital machines cost between Rs 45 lakh and Rs 2.50 crore and can print orders as small as 4,000 sq. metres,” he added.

“We probably installed the first digital printing machine in Ahmedabad. The machine offers better results in terms of quality, a key requirement in the export market, so more companies are adopting this technology,” P R Kankariya, Chairman of Anupam Creation Pvt Ltd.

Aniket Agrawal, Director of Prem Process House stressed on the need to adopt new technologies due to rapidly changing fashion trends and intense competition in the market.

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