June 17, 2024

AMC To Supply Treated Industrial Water To Ahmedabad Mills

After two years of negotiations and persuasion, textile mills, which also include standalone dyeing and printing mills in Ahmedabad will finally get treated industrial wastewater at Rs 30 per kilolitre.

The Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) and three major industry associations in the city have approved this price for drawing tertiary treated sewage water for industrial use.

The aim is to reduce reliance on groundwater, sources in the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) told ToI.

The AMC standing committee will examine and approve the construction of a new sewage treatment plant (STP) with a capacity of 240 million litres a day (MLD) to be set up at a cost of Rs 335 crore.

They will also examine and approve a new tertiary treatment plant with a capacity of 160 MLD costing Rs 509 crore, and a treated sewage storage tank at a cost of Rs 107 crore.

The municipal commissioner has been delegated the authority to approve the proposal, and the supply of tertiary treated water will begin after the completion of these STP plants.

The Narol and Danilimda industrial clusters in Ahmedabad house numerous small and medium-scale textile units, which rely heavily on groundwater for dyeing, washing, and processing.

This led to the depletion of groundwater and compromised the water quality. Heavy metal contamination and high dissolved solids further complicated wastewater treatment.

AMC officials met with the Ahmedabad Hand Screen Printing Association, Karnavati Textile Association, and Narol Textile Association, whose combined requirement is 160 MLD daily of treated water.

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