June 17, 2024

Amcor And Kimberly Clark Launch Eco-Friendly Packaging For Huggies

Amcor, a global leader in responsible packaging solutions, has joined forces with Kimberly Clark to introduce sustainable packaging for its Eco Protect diapers in Peru. The newly launched bags incorporate 30% recycled materials, a significant step towards environmental responsibility. These bags feature post-consumer recycled content and offer a more eco-friendly packaging option for the hypoallergenic diapers crafted from certified plant-based fibres.

Crafted by Amcor for Kimberly Clark, the packaging is a testament to their shared commitment to fostering a circular economy. Utilizing recycled plastic film processed for reuse as a raw material, the packaging maintains performance while minimizing its visual impact.

Carolina Gormezano, Huggies’ Marketing Director for the Andes region, emphasized the growing demand for sustainable packaging among Peruvians, citing a Mintel survey where 39% expressed a preference for eco-friendly packaging. Gormezano highlighted the role of the circular economy in waste reduction and environmental protection.

Laetitia Sanchez, Amcor Latin America Marketing Director, underscored the environmental benefits of their collaboration with Kimberly Clark. The sustainable packaging solution translates into significant reductions in energy consumption (by 30%), carbon footprint (by 23%) and water usage (by 23%) compared to standard packaging methods.

Sanchez acknowledged the versatility of flexible plastics, citing their lightweight nature and adaptability to various shapes, enhancing functionality and visual appeal. She expressed pride in the collaboration with Kimberly-Clark, aiming to meet consumer demands while contributing to a circular economy.

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