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Archroma & DMix Unveil Largest Library Of Eco Textile Colours

Archroma and ColorDigital GmbH, the company behind DMIx, a pioneer in textile supply chain digitalisation, have partnered to bring the textile industry’s largest library of engineered colour standards to the DMIx ecosystem of fashion brands and suppliers.

All 5,760 colour references in the Color Atlas by Archroma will be integrated into ColorDigital’s DMIx interactive collaboration platform, enabling brands to embrace almost unlimited colour creativity with an assurance of colour precision.

Based on digital twin technology, the DMIx solution ensures that colour choices are aligned across design, sourcing and production, reducing sampling costs and collection development time as well as improving color accuracy and end-product quality.

This partnership marks a significant step forward for DMiz in enhancing colour management processes for both digital product creation (DPC) and physical production.

Sustainability is an essential factor for both Archroma and DMIx. Colours in the Archroma Color Atlas are formulated to comply with leading eco-standards while also delivering consistent and accurate colour reproduction.

This complements the DMIx Impact approach, which provides data on the environmental impact of raw materials to enable brands to select inputs that meet their sustainability targets.

A new feature on the DMIx platform is DMIx excite, an inspirational material and colour-trend hub that uses interactive moodboards to share new colour and material scenarios ahead of each season.

Designers and colourists will be able to directly use colours presented in the excite trend reports, including colours from the Color Atlas by Archroma, across the DMIx colour and 3D technology tools.

The Color Atlas by Archroma is part of the Archroma Color Management+ design and development solution for more sustainable textiles and fashion through fast colour selection and creation, consistent and accurate colour reproduction, and reduced environmental impact.

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