April 17, 2024
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Rudolf Unveils Two Bio-Based Moisture Management Products

Rudolf a producer of specialty chemicals has introduced a bio-based innovation for its Hydrocool technology, which it calls a breakthrough in textile moisture management product line.

“The new durable bio-based products, Ruco-Pur Bio Slb and Feran Bio Icr, represent a major turning point in textile chemistry, offering unrivalled sustainability, performance and durability,” Rudolf said in a press release.

According to the German company, Hydrocool technologies have long been the standard for wicking moisture away from the skin to keep athletes and active people comfortable and dry.

“Rudolf has taken this performance to an even higher level with the integration of bio-based raw materials,” it added.

These bio-based ingredients, derived from renewable sources offer reduced environmental impact and highest performance.

The new bio-based formulations are as efficient as the traditional Hydrocool products and offer maximum wash resistance.

Ruco-Pur Bio Slb is a bio-based finishing agent that is ideal for synthetics, cellulosic’s and blends and offers a bio-based content of 43 percent and so is an important step towards a more sustainable textile industry.

While, Feran Bio Icr is a bio-based soil release agent specially developed for polyester and its blends and has an impressive 87 percent bio-based content.

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