April 20, 2024

Laser Photonics Streamlines Textile & Garment Sector Processes

Laser Photonics laser systems offers the global garment industry a user-friendly, ethical, cost-effective and time-efficient solution for many garment creation and finishing processes.

According to the US company, laser techniques are entirely different from traditional textile processes, providing flexibility when it comes to design and operation.

“Other benefits of this technology include a lowered risk of product damage, low consumable use and no problem of toxic byproduct disposal,” Laser Photonics said in a press release.

Among its various systems, the company offers laser-based denim fading, which is an alternative to traditional method of sandblasting.

In laser fading, a laser beam is directed where fading is required and the laser beam decomposes fabric dye, and the resulting vapours are vented away.

The material fades only where the beam impacts the fabric without negatively impacting the material and can also can create the look of embroidery on a wide range of materials.

In contrast, laser burning can create different kinds of distress on denim and be used to create artistic designs on buttons and similar pieces.

The desired degree of fade or burn depends upon the wavelength, power density and pulse width of the laser beam.

While the laser engraving equipment allows operators to create any design on the surface layer of any material, making products look high-grade and exquisite.

Precise, clean and permanent engravings can be obtained at fast rates and also allows greater versatility regarding material selection, as the process requires no physical contact with the engraved surface.

Pictures, flower patterns and even personalized signatures can be engraved on denim and leather shoes, bags, wallets, belts and clothes, greatly increasing product values.

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