July 13, 2024

Plevatec Pro Makes Complex Processes Transparent And Efficient

Enhancing cost-effectiveness, sustainability, transparency and efficiency in textile processes is the primary goal of utilizing sensors and controls. These technologies enable textile producers to conserve significant energy, enhance product quality and achieve traceability and reproducibility in complex processes.

Pleva’s Plevatec pro facilitates this by integrating a wide range of critical process data into a single interface, optimizing controls and enabling tolerance settings and parameter management through its integrated recipe management system. This customizable system caters to diverse processes, such as production lines involving foulard, vacuum, pre-dryer, coating and stenter frames.

Dr Ralf Pleva, Managing Director, said, “Processes become more complex, customer requirements higher and well-trained staff scarce. Technologies as sensors and controls gain importance for efficient operation. Our new process control system Plevate pro is designed to meet exactly those needs. It enhances operation even at complex production lines with different modules, enabling our customers traceability and easy operation to save energy and improve the product quality.”

The system integrates various Pleva devices including:

  • FSX exhaust humidity sensor for energy savings
  • TDS fabric/air temperature sensor for transparent drying/heat-treatment processes
  • RR, RF/AF residual moisture sensors for enhanced fabric quality and efficiency
  • AF application moisture/coating sensor for chemical savings
  • CAM pick/course density sensor for high-quality fabric production

The CAM series 400, known as “the all-seeing eye,” employs advanced technology for quality assessment, weft straightening, precise detection and advanced image processing. It features new lighting with increased brightness and versatility for detecting fabrics of any density or colour. Designed as a retrofit for existing Pleva systems, it offers easy connectivity and durability in harsh conditions.

Pleva also offers specialized sensors like the TDS sensor for fabric and air temperature in hazardous EX zones, state-of-the-art interfaces like Profinet and Pleva Remote Service for swift production support. Whether for standard applications or demanding processes, Pleva ensures sustainable and efficient production solutions for the future.

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