July 13, 2024

‘Customer Service Quality Pushes Paramount Looms To The Forefront’, Says A. K. Bidiwala

Paramount Looms based in Surat, India, stands as a leader in the manufacturing of textile weaving machines, offering a wide range that includes shuttle looms, rapier looms, water jet looms and India’s first indigenous air jet looms. In addition to looms, the company manufactures electronic jacquard and dobby machines, further solidifying its position as a comprehensive solutions provider in the textile industry.

At the heart of Paramount Looms’ success lies the company’s shuttle looms, with a production capacity of 1800 units per month, a significant majority of which cater to the active textile hub of Surat. A. K. Bidiwala attributes the company’s market dominance not just to the quality of its products but also to their exemplary customer service. He states, “Our hero product is our shuttle loom, supported by our service and customer care division in Surat. We solve any issues within 24 hours, which has earned us trust and repeat business.”

Paramount Looms distinguishes itself by maintaining stringent quality control through in-house manufacturing. Bidiwala emphasizes, “We are the only company with our own foundries, producing all parts locally. This ensures that every loom we deliver meets our high standards of craftsmanship and durability.”

The company’s dedication to customer satisfaction extends beyond India, with service centres in Surat, Erode and Telangana, ensuring prompt assistance nationwide. Even internationally, Paramount Looms facilitates quick turnaround times for spare parts replacement, demonstrating their global service capabilities.

Looking ahead, Paramount Looms aims to consolidate its position as a dominant force in the global textile machinery sector well before 2030. Bidiwala confidently asserts, “We are on track to achieve our goal much sooner, possibly by 2025, owing to our continuous innovation and customer-focused approach.”

Addressing challenges such as competition from cheaper Chinese imports, Bidiwala stresses the importance of quality over price. He warns against the pitfalls of opting for reconditioned Chinese looms, citing compromised fabric quality and advocates for Indian and European technologies for superior outcomes.

At Texfair 2024, Paramount Looms showcased its latest innovation—a hybrid concept integrating electronic dobby and jacquard systems with rapier looms. This innovation enables weavers to create intricate designs efficiently, enhancing their production capabilities significantly.

In a forward-looking move, Paramount Looms is set to launch their indigenous electronic dobby machine, currently undergoing rigorous in-house testing. Bidiwala reveals, “We plan to introduce our electronic dobby in the market within the next few months, following extensive trials and customer feedback.”

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