April 20, 2024
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Archroma Showing Green Textile Chemicals At Colombiatex

Archroma is showcasing sustainable and green textile chemical solutions at this year’s Colombiatex de Las Américas exhibition.

Archroma introduced a new concept that promises to help the region’s brands and mills optimise their productivity, add value to their products and create a positive impact on the environment.

“Named Super Systems+, each solution offers exceptional performance, including end-product durability, while meeting sustainability targets with cleaner chemistries,” the Swiss company said in a press release.

The Super Systems+ comply with current and anticipated industry regulations or deliver resource savings or both and solutions are available from denim to cotton and poly-cotton knits.

“For iconic black denim with a cleaner environmental footprint, brands and mills can choose Diresul Evolution Black to create unique shade and wash-down effects with an overall impact reduction of 57 percent compared to standard Sulfur Black 1 liquid,” Archroma said.

For authentic blue denim, Archroma’s breakthrough aniline-free pre-reduced Denisol Pure Indigo 30 Liq produces indigo colours with the same performance and efficiency as conventional indigo dye, but in a more planet-friendly way.

To embrace circularity and create natural shades on cellulosic-based fibres including cotton, kapok, linen and viscose, Archroma has its patented EarthColors technology.

It makes high-performance biosynthetic dyes from non-edible natural waste, such as almond shells, bitter orange residues and cotton production byproducts, helping conserve natural resources.

For next-generation processing of polyester and its blends, Archroma’s Eriopon E3-Save all-in-one auxiliary combines pre-scouring, dyeing and reduction clearing in a single bath, to achieve substantial savings of water, energy and time

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