June 22, 2024

Asteks Showing Integrated & Automation Solutions At ITM 2024

Asteks will attract attention at ITM 2024 exhibition with its automation and integration-oriented innovations and rich product portfolio in Hall 7, Booth B-705.

Visitors to the Astek booth at ITM 2024 will be able to see the multifunctional 401-SF&M cots grinding machine and the UV-305 UV treatment machine.

“These two integrate with each other, while maintaining continuous process from grinding to UV treatment,” the Turkish company said in a press release.

“Our products, which show the power of Turkish engineering, which are very competitive in terms of price-performance balance as well as quality and longevity criteria,” Sabri İlknur from Asteks said.

“For this reason, we make a great contribution to the export power of the Turkish textile industry with both our aprons and cots products and our cots grinding machines,” İlknur added.

Asteks’ new generation 401-SF&M cots grinding machine has strengthened its position with the interest it has received since it was introduced to the market.

While, one of the two independent grinding units on the machine processes the short cots for ring spinning and roving frames, the other unit processes long cots for draw frames and combing machines, at the same time.

This machine provides more automation and efficiency to the cots grinding process and has further increased its appeal with the latest innovation offered by Asteks to textile businesses.

Thanks to the Smart Feeding System, the cots are processed automatically without the need to line them up one by one.

In addition, by the auto-rejection system over outer diameter, the measurements of the cots for grinding are carried out automatically with the laser system, thus saving labour in the operations.

The high-capacity and fully automatic 401-SF&M cots grinding machine guarantees spinners the best efficiency, higher productivity and better standard operation.

On the other hand, the UV-305 Cots’ Surface UV Treatment Machine contributes to increasing yarn quality while reducing costs of maintenance.

Focusing on the automation and integration of cots grinding departments in spinning mills, Asteks will demonstrate this at the exhibition by operating 401-SF&M and UV-305 integrated to each other.

This new solution significantly increases the life of the cots for draw frame and combing machines and yarn quality and is designed for enterprises with high spindle capacity.

The machine, which processes the cots surface with 4000-Watt Ultraviolet (UV) irradiation, can work fully integrated with Asteks’ cots grinding machines due to its high performance and automation.

Thanks to the integration, the cots that come out of grinding process on the 401-SF&M cots grinding machine are irradiated in UV-305 without the need for any operator and are ready for direct use.

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