April 23, 2024

Bangladesh Apparel Factories Have Gender Pay Gap Of 30%

Bangladesh’s apparel manufacturing factories have a gender pay gap of up to 30 percent in base wages, which is in favour of men.

This was revealed in a study report titled ‘Gender pay gaps in global supply chains: Findings from workplaces in Bangladesh, Colombia, Morocco, Thailand and Turkey.’

The study found that the garment factories in Turkey, the gaps are smaller but variable at 4 to 17 percent, while in Bangladesh, factories have the largest gender pay gaps of 22 to 30 percent for base wages.

“Apparel factories in Bangladesh and Turkey women earn less than men doing the same type of work,” the study informed.

The study conducted by Anker Research Institute (ARI) identified that in Bangladesh, men are able to earn more than women doing the same work by negotiating a higher base wage or changing factories for higher pay.

The ARI did its study in three Bangladesh apparel factories which had between 1,500 and 4,000 workers each per factory.

In clothing factories in Thailand and Bangladesh, women are more likely to work more days per month than men, while in Colombia and Turkey, men work slightly more days per month than women.

The study involved analysis of payroll data for over 15,000 women and men working at 12 factories and included over 350 interviews with workers, managers and stakeholder organisations.

The study suggested that employers should monitor wages for women and men across the entire workforce and commit to reduce and eliminate gender pay gaps.

ARI also urged trade unions, governments, brands and industry associations to carry out comprehensive evaluation of workers in the clothing sector to ensure equal pay for work of equal value.

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