April 20, 2024

Redwave Tex Identifies & Sorts Apparels For Recycling

Redwave will showcase its latest sorting technology Redwave Tex, a new sorting solution designed to identify and sort textiles at IFAT 2024.

“Redwave Tex sort’s materials on predefined parameters and can handle sorting whole garments for reuse and sorting shredded textiles for recycling,” a press release from the Austrian company said.

Redwave Tex’s sensor technology enables accurate identification and sorting of textiles according to predefined criteria.

The sorting machine can be programmed for colour, size, material composition and other parameters.

The technology can process large volumes of textiles quickly and efficiently while also being capable of being customised to meet specific needs of each recycler.

“The sorting process is automated and so the number of labour needed on the sorting line is very less,” Redwave added.

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