April 17, 2024

Euratex Launches Upskilling & Reksilling Initiative

European Textile And Apparel Association (Euratex) has launched an initiative to promote upskilling and reskilling in the textiles, clothing, leather and footwear (TCLF) industries named ‘TCLF SkillBridge’.

In the context of the EU TCLF Pact for Skills, Euratex will work together with CEC and COTANCE to support the creation of regional partnerships in the area skills.

The new SkillBridge project, supported by the European Commission will specifically help to develop action plans with regional authorities, local TCLF industry and education providers.

“These action plans should respond to the changing needs of the TCLF industry in the area of education and skills,” an Euratex press release informed.

The project will also offer a mobility scheme for regional stakeholders from the industry and offer support to SMEs, to help them develop reskilling or upskilling initiatives in their company.

The TCLF SkillBridge project complements the METASkills4TCLF and AEQUALIS4TCLF projects, which have been launched earlier this year.

They all share the same objectives which have been established in the TCLF Pact for Skills, and thus contribute to addressing bottlenecks faced by the TCLF industry, the shortage of qualified labour.

“These three projects will collectively allow Euratex and its partners to work with all relevant stakeholders from our sector across the EU and beyond,” the European trade body stated.

“Addressing the skills gap, and attracting young people with the right set of skills, is essential to strengthen the European textiles industry,” Dirk Vantyghem, Euratex Director General said.

“We want to reach out especially to the regional authorities to work together and design a skills strategy that is effective for its local TCLF industry,” he added.”

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