February 26, 2024

Better Cotton Promotes Gender Inclusion With Women’s Workshop

In January, Better Cotton India organised its first ever residential leadership workshop for female field staff, with the aim of assessing gender influence and leadership, and examining how the organisation can enhance the overall experience of women in Better Cotton projects.

They delved into topics like sociogramming (mapping the relationships within a group); the politics of language and food; inclusion; intersectionality; power dynamics; and patriarchal traditions across the country.

More than 50 people attended, representing 11 different Better Cotton Programme Partners from across India and roles that ranged from Producer Unit Managers, Coordinators, and Gender Leads from various projects.

Open discussions showcased the diverse experiences of women from different regions, highlighting differences and similarities. Participants were encouraged to share their perspectives in group sessions through tools such as roleplay, poems and narration.

The eco-sanctuary setting facilitated movement and informal interactions, creating an engaging environment.

This initiative helps enable a more holistic approach to gender inclusion and supports Better Cotton’s cross-cutting priority of gender equality in its Principles & Criteria.

The Better Cotton India team is excited to develop similar learning opportunities and platforms for partners and farming communities, irrespective of gender, to collectively work towards greater gender inclusion within its projects.

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