April 17, 2024

Birla Cellulose Creating Algae Based Fibre Which Eliminates Dyeing

India’s biggest cellulose fibre manufacturer Birla Cellulose, has partnered with Israeli start-up Algaeing to develop algae-based cellulosic fibres which eliminate the need for traditional dyeing.

Algaeing’s patented algae bio-based technologies aim to utilise vertically-farmed algae to produce sustainable, biodegradable and zero-waste textiles and dyes for the textiles industry.

“This collaboration with Algaeing aligns well with Birla Cellulose’s focus on offering more sustainable fibres to consumers,” Dr. Aspi Patel, CTO at Birla Cellulose said.

“We are keen to develop and scale this innovative new cellulosic fibre in collaboration with Algaeing,” Dr Patel added.

Harnessing the vibrancy of nature, this unique fibre redefines the textile manufacturing process.

Infused with algae’s rich and varied hues, it offers a palette of naturally occurring colours, eliminating the need for traditional dyeing processes.

This innovation aims to bring a variety of dyeless garments to the market while significantly reducing the environmental impact associated with conventional dyeing processes.

The fibre offers additional advantages, such as toxin-free production and enhanced first-of-its-kind user benefits stemming from the rich nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and botanical properties inherent in the algae.

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