June 17, 2024

Birla Cellulose Shows Liva’s Sustainability At Bharat Tex

Liva, a leading fabric brand from Birla Cellulose is participating at Bharat Tex 2024 and will present its wide-ranging product portfolio and applications and its sustainable attributes.

According to a press release, Liva is a high-quality sustainable fabric ideal for clothes, renowned for its fluidity, breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and resistance to wrinkles.

“This makes it the preferred choice for people because they demand both style and functionality,” the Aditya Birla Group company said.

Liva has sold over 8 crore Liva-tagged garments annually, a testament to its growing influence and adoption by consumers worldwide.

Collaborations with esteemed brands such as Biba, Rangriti, and Juniper further highlight Liva’s prominence in the fashion industry.

“Liva embodies eco-consciousness throughout its production process, ensuring sustainability and responsible use of resources,” the cellulose fibre producer added.

Delivered through an accredited value chain, Liva fabrics stand as a beacon of environment friendly fashion.

In addition to this, Livaeco by Birla Cellulose has found acceptance all around the globe owing to its sustainable credentials and contains a unique molecular tracer which helps in source verification across the value chain.

A complete information on the journey of fibre from forest to fashion is available through a unique QR Code which can be made available to the consumer conveniently.

Birla Cellulose is also ramping up its production of LivaReviva, a circular fibre created from pre-consumer cotton waste and closed-loop technologies.

LivaReviva stands out for its exceptional sustainability features, including notably reduced greenhouse gas emissions and water usage compared to conventional viscose fibres.

“Liva’s participation in Bharat Tex underscores its unwavering commitment to sustainable fashion and its pivotal role in driving positive change within the textile industry,” ManMohan Singh, CMO, Birla Cellulose, said.

“We are excited and proud to show our products at such a prestigious event. We look forward to engaging with industry leaders, exchanging ideas, and forging partnerships that will shape the future of textiles,” he added.

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