December 7, 2023

Lycra Company Launches New Sustainable Fibre For Knits

The Lycra Company, a producer of innovative and sustainable fibre and technology solutions for the apparel and personal care industries has launched the new Lycra FiT400 fibre for knits.

The company’s latest EcoMade offering is a unique bicomponent fibre engineered to optimise the performance and comfort of knits.

It delivers a durable soft hand-feel, low shrinkage and high uniformity to fabrics and is made from 60 percent recycled PET and 14.4 percent from bio-derived resources and is GRS certified.

The fibre includes two different polyester polymers, which together create a helical crimp, providing permanent stretch and recovery properties, as well as breathability and cooling comfort.

According to the company, Lycra FiT400 fibre helps set the stage for circularity, a key priority for the company.

In controlled tests under specific conditions, this fibre was recycled back into new polyester fibres, thereby demonstrating the technical feasibility of this process.

“We developed Lycra FiT400 fibre to deliver in-demand performance benefits and an enhanced soft hand to the knit fabric category,” said Steve Stewart, Chief Brand Officer at The Lycra Company.

“This innovation also meets customer and consumer expectations for more sustainable solutions since it is made with recycled and bio-derived materials,” Stewart added.

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