June 17, 2024

Loptex Unveils New Solution For Detecting Cotton Contamination

Loptex has introduced a new Sorter Easy Link EXA for the detection and elimination of contamination in existing and new cotton blowroom lines.

“It is a comprehensive and ideal solution for hand-picked highly contaminated cotton, which is one of the main concern of quality-oriented mills,” the Italian company said in a press release.

Easy Link EXA, through arrays of multiple embedded colour cameras and multiple LED illumination sources, detects and eliminates all types of contaminants.

“Its versatility and compliance lead to the monitoring of different mixing and fibre colours,” the company added.

The EXA Data system, through an external dedicated PC, collects and files statistical and historical data from the sorter units to provide the parameters for KPI generation.

The remote assistance, via VPN connection to the Loptex headquarter, provides predictive maintenance of components and helps to fill the competence gap between human experience and operator.

Loptex is the Rieter OEM supplier for new complete projects which requires the supply of state-of-the-art technologies to cope with the demand of the market.

The benefits of the new Sorter Easy Link EXA include consistency on results; high performance on contamination detection and removal and has low maintenance costs and low power consumption.

According to Loptex, the Easy Link EXA is a space-saving solution to existing and new compact blow room lines and is recommended for processing highly contaminated cotton.

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