December 6, 2023

Cellulose Fibre Recycler Renewcell Launches Supplier Network

Textile recycling innovator Renewcell, has launched CIRCULOSE Supplier Network (CSN), which is a group of 47 yarn and textile producers, who will help drive the circular economy and create a steady source of CIRCULOSE in the market.

CSN members will streamline CIRCULOSE production across the supply chain and are committed to continuous development of circular solutions and will also play a vital role in sustainable textiles and end-products under the CIRCULOSE brand name.

Renewcell opened its first ever, industrial scale chemical textile to textile recycling facility in November 2022 in Sweden named Renewcell 1, and dispatched the first shipment of CIRCULOSE dissolving pulp in December 2022.

The Renewcell 1 facility recently received the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) certification and so CIRCULOSE pulp will now be produced on a larger scale.

“With an initial annual capacity of 60,000 metric tons, Renewcell 1 will be scaled up to produce 120,000 metric tons of pulp, equivalent to 600 million t-shirts,” the company said in a press release.

According to Renewcell, CIRCULOSE is a next generation raw material derived from the recovery of cellulose found in worn-out clothing and transformed into a dissolving pulp made from 100 percent recycled textiles.

“The pulp serves as the foundation for various types of regenerated fibers, including viscose, lyocell, modal, acetate, and other man-made cellulosic fibres,” the company added.

“The implementation of CSN is integral to continue scaling CIRCULOSE. With availability across the textile supply chain, fashion brands now have numerous circular options to design and create clothing with CIRCULOSE,” Patrik Lundström, CEO at Renewcell also added.

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