June 22, 2024

Chinese Research On Cotton Crop Resistance To Adverse Climates

The Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences will invest Yuan 15 million to develop cotton crops, which will cope with adversities such as pests, high and low temperatures, droughts, etc.

The academy will introduce biological technologies such as genetic engineering to develop and introduce excellent genes into cotton crops to improve their resistance to various adversities.

The current main cotton varieties grown in Xinjiang already have properties of high yield and high quality.

However, Xinjiang region cotton farmers are insisting on cotton seeds which can face frequent changes in weather conditions as well as are resistant to pests since a long time.

This project is one of the five leading projects of the academy this year and the academy has been allotted an amount of Yuan 15 million and the implementation period is three years.

The Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences will partner the Western Agricultural Research Center on this project.

The two institutes will strengthen cooperation in personnel training and establishment of biological breeding innovation systems to lay the foundation for the new cotton variety.

The project will carry out research on Yuanmian No. 8, a major cotton variety in Xinjiang to make it resistant to high or low temperatures and pests.

It is worthy to note that the autonomous region of Xinjiang province accounts for 90 percent of cotton production in China.

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