April 17, 2024
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CHT Presenting Sustainable Auxiliaries At Techtextil Frankfurt

The CHT Group is focusing on tailor-made and modern product and process solutions to optimise performance and functionality of technical textiles at Techtextil Frankfurt in Hall 11, Stall B-11.

The CHT Group’s product portfolio includes water-based as well as silicone based finishing and coating systems that enable new innovative functionalities, which are all from a single source.

“Products from the Tubcosil range include LSR coatings that can be applied to almost all textiles and nonwovens,” the Swiss company said in a press release.

Thanks to their exceptional material properties, they can meet the highest technical requirements in terms of durability, mechanics, feel and appearance.

Tubingal Rise is CHT’s first textile softener made from recycled silicones, in which ‘end-of-life’ silicones are recycled and formulated with emulsifiers from renewable raw materials to create a new hydrophilic softener.

Similarly, CHT has developed Arristan Rair according to the principles of the circular economy.

Here, plastic waste is converted into a high-quality textile finishing product to achieve optimum moisture management in sports and activewear.

Other areas of application include socks and tights in the clothing sector, filtration media and nonwovens in the technical textiles sector and cushions and curtains in the home textiles sector.

As Arristan Rair is made from recycled PET flakes, it is suitable for finishing recycled yarns and fabrics, which can then be recycled again.

In addition to the positive properties already mentioned, the hydrophilising agent Arristan Rair is characterised by its quick-drying properties in combination with excellent soil release and thermoregulation.

It therefore offers optimum functionality for high-quality and durable sportswear, especially in the area of functional textiles.

Polyavin Bpen is CHT’s new plug-in solution to replace fossil feedstock and uses polyethylene-based products in the textile chain to the next level by using bio-based raw materials that bind carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

According to CHT, Polyavin Bpen is a versatile lubricant and can be used as a processing aid to support compressive shrinkage during sanforizing or compacting of fabrics.

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