June 22, 2024

CITI & Swiss Textiles Co-host Successful B2B Webinar

The Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI) and Swiss Textiles joined forces to present a dynamic B2B webinar titled ‘Enhancing Indo-Swiss Textile & Apparel Trade’.

The webinar offered invaluable insights and fostering collaboration between key stakeholders.

Chandrima Chatterjee, Secretary General of CITI, spearheaded discussions on critical aspects shaping the textile and apparel trade between India and Switzerland.

A few key insights which were revealed include EFTA’s textile and apparel imports surge: reaching US $14.1 billion in 2023, exhibiting a robust 2.8 percent CAGR from 2019-2023.

China leads with 24 percent market share in the EFTA treaty countries, while India emerges as the sixth largest player with 4.3 percent share.

Switzerland accounts for a staggering 74 percent share of EFTA’s textile & garment imports, with Norway boasting a remarkable 10.3 percent CAGR.

In the EFTA region, clothing commands 80 percent share, with India’s exports to EFTA surpassing those of China and Italy over the past five years.

Ashwin Chandran, Deputy Chairman, CITI, underscored the significance of India’s regional trade agreements, emphasizing the potential of the EFTA-TEPA agreement in facilitating market access.

Peter Flückiger, Chairman of Swiss Textiles stressed on the potential of Indo-Swiss ties, focusing on sustainability and bilateral cooperation, especially with impending ratification of TEPA in 2025.

Manoj Patodia of Patodia Overseas Exports underlined India’s sustainability efforts and digital transformation, aligning Swiss support.

Annabelle Hutter, MD at Säntis Textiles, championed recycling and circular economies in the textile industry, highlighting Säntis Textiles’ innovative approaches towards sustainable textile production.

Wolfgang Haberl, Sales Director, Textilcolor, discussed advancements in textile chemistry, focusing on sustainability and energy-saving technologies.

Dinesh Nolkha, Vice Chairman, CITI, expressed optimism for synergistic collaborations and thanked Swiss Textiles for their contributions in investment, regulatory alignment, and sustainability.

The webinar concluded with a consensus on the immense potential for mutual growth and innovation within the Indo-Swiss textile and apparel trade landscape.

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