April 22, 2024
Product Launch & Innovation

Devan’s R-Vital NTL Unlocks New Possibilities For Textile Manufacturers Globally

Devan, the global specialty chemicals developer based in Belgium now a part of Pulcra Chemicals since 2021, has announced a significant breakthrough with their R-Vital NTL technology. Achieving a remarkable durability of 50 washes, Devan’s bio-based and biodegradable well-being innovation is set to revolutionize the textile industry.

R-Vital NTL empowers textile manufacturers with a versatile range of active ingredients, enhancing fabrics with added value. This pioneering functional finish brings multiple benefits to textiles, providing enhanced value and enabling manufacturers to craft unique and exceptional products that set them apart from competitors.

The natural range comprises five distinct products, each with specific attributes:

  • Aloevera: Known for its skin-smoothing and softening properties.
  • Avocado Seed Oil: Recognized for its skin-moisturizing capabilities.
  • CBD: Offers relaxation properties.
  • Multivitamina: A blend of provitamin D, vitamins C and E, and ginger.
  • Vitamin E: Offers protection against free radicals and premature aging.

Devan’s groundbreaking achievement with R-Vital NTL showcases their dedication to innovation in specialty chemicals. This development promises to reshape the textile landscape and elevate the quality of textiles across the industry.

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