April 17, 2024

EFI Does LCA Of Nozomi Single-Pass Digital Print Technology

Electronics For Imaging (EFI) has completed a life cycle assessment (LCA) of Nozomi single-pass digital print technology in partnership with award-winning sustainability consulting firm Clean Agency.

Through this initiative, Clean Agency also developed an LCA tool that EFI customers and their customers can use to analyse their CO2 equivalent (CO2e) emissions as part of their overall packaging extended producer responsibility (EPR).

According to the LCA, printing corrugated materials on an EFI Nozomi digital press reduces global warming potential (GWP) by approximately 50 percent when compared to analog printing technologies.

“No printing plates, less energy, less waste, and just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing all contribute to CO2e reductions for corrugated printing on EFI’s Nozomi digital press,” CEO of Clean Agency Seri McClendon said.

“Packaging is a major contributor to Scope 3 emissions, so we not only partnered with EFI to conduct the LCA but also to build a calculator that enables users to quantify related kilograms of CO2e for specific packaging printing volumes and applications,” he added

“Scope 3 emissions refer to indirect emissions that occur in the value chain of an organisation, including both upstream and downstream activities, and represent a significant portion of a company’s carbon footprint,” McClendon noted.

For prospective customers, brands, and retailers, the LCA tool can calculate the CO2e of a given print job on Nozomi technology, as well as project and compare what the same job would generate on other printing technologies.

“Demonstrating a reduced footprint of packaging production is a business advantage in a time when Scope 3 emissions are a critical consideration in comprehensive sustainability strategies,” EFI said.

In addition, sustainable advantages of digital print also enhance productivity and business outcomes like elimination of plates, reduction of changeover waste, lowered energy, waste disposal costs, etc,” it added.

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