December 4, 2023

EURATEX Welcomes Progress On Ecodesign, But Highlights Concerns

While, welcoming the progress on the Ecodesign Regulation in the European Parliament (EP), the European Apparel and Textile Organisation (EURATEX) also expressed concerns regarding the EP’s approach to target the textile industry in a regulation designed to be a framework legislation for all sectors.

EURATEX regretted that the European Parliament has overlooked the plea for legislative coherence on substances of concern and for keeping the ESPR aligned with existing chemical legislation to avoid overlapping or conflicting regulation. EURATEX advises that social sustainability aspects should be addressed within the due diligence legislative framework.

“Regarding the future Ecodesign requirements for textiles, these will have to be based on reliable data, and supported by thorough analysis and impact assessments. The requirements should be set out in the textile-specific Delegated Act and should be developed with relevant stakeholders,” EURATEX said.

As the ESPR trialogue negotiations between the European Parliament, the Council of the EU and the European Commission unfold in Autumn; EURATEX continues to stress the guiding principle of ‘fit-for-purpose’ rules and the balance between high environmental objectives and competitiveness of companies.

Representing 160,000 European textile companies, EURATEX has been highlighting that a successful legal framework is based on an inclusive and feasible approach, ensures sufficient capacity and sets a timeline for businesses to adjust.

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