June 17, 2024
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FaberExposize UK Champions Sustainability In Wide Format Printing Industry

FaberExposize UK is on a mission to revolutionize the wide format print industry by placing sustainability at the forefront of its operations. The Action Now initiative, born from a commitment to make a difference, has evolved into a cultural cornerstone for the business and a call to action for clients.

Embracing the environmentally conscious ethos of the market, FaberExposize UK initiated discussions within the industry to collectively learn and share insights on the benefits and challenges of using eco-friendly products and substrates. This dialogue inspired the adoption of fully circular substrates, working closely with suppliers and waste management partners to achieve sustainability goals.

The company has forged partnerships with reputable suppliers who share a commitment to environmental stewardship. By promoting sustainable practices within the industry, FaberExposize UK encourages responsible sourcing throughout the supply chain, benefiting both clients and consumers seeking eco-friendly solutions.

To enhance awareness and knowledge, the company organizes ‘Supplier Days’ where suppliers educate employees on the range of eco-friendly substrates. FaberExposize UK has also partnered with waste management experts to implement rigorous waste sorting and recycling programmes, diverting materials from landfills and supporting the circular economy model.

Taking a proactive stance, the company has implemented a meticulous pre-sorting and baling process, working closely with suppliers to establish a closed-loop system for waste transportation. This not only streamlines logistics, but also reduces the carbon cost associated with waste transportation.

Understanding the diverse needs of clients, FaberExposize UK offers a “return to base” option, allowing clients to send back used materials for proper disposal, recycling or repurposing. This initiative provides a hassle-free solution for clients with less developed waste strategies, reinforcing the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Iain Clasper-Cotte, Managing Director, emphasized the importance of finding fully sustainable substrates as a crucial step towards an environmentally conscious future. The company remains committed to continuous improvement, exploring cutting-edge technologies and materials to further reduce ecological impact. FaberExposize UK aims to inspire positive change within the industry and among print service providers, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible future in the wide format printing sector.

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