June 17, 2024

Oerlikon Barmag Commissions FDY Plant At Garden Silk Mills

Oerlikon Barmag has successfully commissioned a new polyester yarn production facility at Garden Silk Mills in Surat, particularly to produce FDY yarns.

According to the German company, the setting up of the mill with 216 WINGS FDY spinning units was accompanied by extensive engineering work.

The FDY yarn expansion project at Garden Silk Mills marks the beginning of a period of rapid progress in the textile sector by TCG, which acquired Garden Silk in 2021.

With its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant at Jolwa, producing high quality polyester chips, POY, FDY and other specialty yarns, the mill also has an iconic brand named Garden Vareli.

For manufacturing yarns, spinning pumps press the plastic melt under extremely high pressure through micro-fine nozzles.

The resulting filaments are then bundled into threads, stretched over godets, and wound up by a winding head.

“In order to master this principle reliably, high-precision and extremely stable technology is required,” Oerlikon Barmag said.

Oerlikon Barmag systems master almost all processes for the production of textile and technical yarns and spin the common polymers polyester, polyamide 6 and 6.6 or polypropylene.

The WINGS concept breaks through the limits of conventional FDY spinning systems and stands for optimised production processes, low waste rates and energy use is reduced by around 30 percent.

“We are particularly pleased to have equipped Garden Silk Mills, another successful customer, with our WINGS FDY technology,” Oerlikon Polymer Processing Solutions CEO Georg Stausberg said.

“We are confident that the new mill will be able to produce polyester yarns in an economically attractive way, so that they can be offered to the Indian market as well as the global market,” he added.

“We congratulate Garden Silk Mills on the successful commissioning and wish them all the best for the future,” Stausberg stated.

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