December 5, 2023

Fong’s Showing THEN Supratec LTM At ITMA

Fong’s Europe is showing the THEN Supratec LTM, designed in a long tube shape, with its Flexkier lifting device and winch less fabric transport, providing efficient and high-quality dyeing results at ITMA 2023.

“The THEN Supratec LTM also minimises water and energy consumption with liquor ratios down to just 1:4 from 1:15,” the company said.

The technology features a number of advanced patented technologies, such as a dry and wet mode by programable kier slope variation during the process, to provide an outstanding low liquor ratio system for long tube machines.

“The machine can be delivered tailor made with one or two nozzles to achieve full filling with acceptable fast turn times. This helps to reduce the amount of water and energy needed for the dyeing process while also reducing the overall processing time, the company added.

According to Fong’s, The Supratec LTM is suitable for the treatment of both woven and knitted fabrics ranging from the most sensitive fabrics to medium-weight fabrics within the weight range of 25 grams per linear metre to 600 grams per linear metre.

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