June 17, 2024

GOTS Satellite Project To Map Organic Cotton Sowing In India

In a world’s first, GOTS, the European Space Agency (ESA) and software company Marple launched a project that aims to show the potential for remote satellite monitoring of organic cotton cultivation.

The project trained artificial intelligence (AI) to use ESA satellite data to detect cotton fields across India and automatically classify them according to their cultivation standard.

“By integrating standardised yield metrics, this innovative approach will enable GOTS to generate realistic estimates of organic cotton yields in specific areas,” a GOTS 2023 report informed.

In addition, the project is expected to empower GOTS to recognise cotton fields that have not yet obtained organic certification but possess the potential for a transition to organic cultivation.

2023 culminated with 25 GOTS-approved certification bodies reporting a noteworthy 14,676 certified facilities, an 8 percent growth over 2022 in 89 countries.

As of March 1, facilities that become GOTS-certified will operate under the new GOTS Version 7.0, released in March 2023 with a one-year transition period.

GOTS Version 7.0 and its accompanying Implementation Manual provides a comprehensive solution for companies who want to produce organic textiles.

They will also be offered support to ensure compliance with environmental and human rights due diligence along the entire value chain, from field to finished product.

GOTS Version 7.0 also introduced a six-step due diligence process and handbook that equips GOTS-certified operations to identify, assess and mitigate adverse impacts throughout their value chains.

GOTS, in its ongoing commitment to stakeholder education, orchestrated in November an immersive 360-degree awareness and educational campaign.

Successfully engaging both consumers and industry, the initiative shined a spotlight on GOTS-certified companies and their products, which empowered consumers to make more conscientious choices.

With an impressive turnout of over 250 certified entities, the campaign made a significant global impact, reaching more than 21 million unique individuals worldwide.

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