June 22, 2024

CAI January Cotton Output Estimates Unchanged From December

In its January 2024 estimates, the Cotton Association of India (CAI) has kept its cotton production as well as consumption in the 2023-24 cotton season unchanged as against its forecast in December 2023.

In its January report, CAI has projected cotton output at 294.10 lakh bales of 170 kg each and domestic consumption at 311 lakh bales for cotton season 2023-24, both consistent from December 2023.

It may be recalled that India’s cotton production stood at 318.90 lakh bales in the previous or 2022-23 cotton season.

India’s total cotton supply in 2023-24 will be 345 lakh bales, which includes 28.90 lakh bales of opening stock and 22 lakh bales of imports.

In the January 2024 estimate, the available surplus of cotton was stable at 34 lakh bales as in the December 2023 forecast, down from the previous season’s surplus 44.40 lakh bales.

India’s cotton export projections were also kept steady as in December but will decline to 14 lakh bales from 15.50 lakh bales in the earlier season.

CAI has projected closing stock in current season ending in September 2024 at 20 lakh bales vis-à-vis 28.90 lakh bales from the end of previous season.

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