December 4, 2023

Kim Hanna Named As First Woman President Of ICA

Kim Hanna, CEO of TransGlobal Inspections has been appointed as the first woman President of the International Cotton Association (ICA).

Mohomed Bashir, Chairman, Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited has been named first Vice President and Pierre Chehab, Head of Cotton Europe, Louis Dreyfus Company has been named second Vice President.

Hanna began her career in cotton in 1982 as a Secretary at Edward T Robertson & Son Ltd and rose to the position of US Operations Manager.

When ET Robertson was purchased by Wakefield Inspection Services, she continued leading Wakefield’s US office until 1999.

In 2000, Hanna co-founded a new international cotton controlling company, TransGlobal Inspections, where she continues to serve as the CEO.

“I would like my presidency to send the message that the cotton industry holds limitless possibilities for anyone wanting to learn, succeed, and make it to the top of their game,” Kim Hanna said.

“ICA has thrived by embracing different perspectives, and I am committed to further fostering an environment where every voice, regardless of gender, culture, or industry segment, is heard and valued,” she added.

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