June 22, 2024

Heberlein Technology AG: Pioneering Innovation In MMF Spinning & Texturizing Solutions

Daniel Lippuner, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Heberlein Technology AG, sheds light on the company’s strategic approach and market outlook.

Heberlein Technology AG, a leader in providing solutions for man-made fibre spinning and texturizing machines, has been making waves in the textile industry. Following its recent acquisition by Daniel Lippuner, the company is poised for strategic growth and market expansion.

Lippuner highlights the company’s specialization in air jet technology and its broad product range, including offerings for POY, DTY and ATY applications. He highlights the significance of having an in-house lab for product development, ensuring continuous innovation.

Since the acquisition, Heberlein has embarked on strategic projects aimed at introducing new products and enhancing global customer service. Despite the company’s strong market position, Lippuner acknowledges the need for adaptive strategies in navigating the ever-evolving market landscape.

With the man-made fibre market heavily concentrated in China, Heberlein is strategically diversifying its presence. Lippuner outlines the company’s approach to expand in key markets such as India, leveraging local teams and testing capabilities to provide tailored solutions to customers.

Lippuner remained optimistic about the opportunities for meaningful engagements and collaborations during the remaining days of the ITM 2024 exhibition. He anticipated a more significant turnout and looked forward to further interactions with business visitors.

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