June 22, 2024

‘Our Products Are Very Well Accepted In Turkish Market’, Says Himanshu Fogla

For Jumac Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd, ITM has consistently provided a valuable platform to engage with customers from the MENA region. Himanshu Fogla, Director of Jumac Manufacturing, reflected on the company’s participation in ITM 2024, marking their fourth appearance at the prestigious exhibition. Fogla expressed satisfaction with the event’s progress, noting, “It’s been good days with a few good customers who have requirements. And of course, we are meeting our old friends and our customers.”

Fogla emphasized the significance of showcasing their latest developments, particularly their SliverCAN range, and the exciting advancements in their JI+ technology. “We are very excited to work and show our developments on the JI+ front, wherein trials are successfully running in a few big mills in India. And very shortly, we will be showcasing it for our Turkish customers to take advantage of this technology,” he explained.

Reflecting on Jumac’s illustrious 50-year journey in the spinning industry, Fogla highlighted the company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. “We being existent in the market for that long itself shows the testimony towards our services and our products,” he remarked proudly. Fogla also expressed gratitude towards the industry for acknowledging and celebrating this significant milestone.

In terms of the Turkish market, Fogla acknowledged its importance and the challenges and opportunities it presents. “Turkey has always been a very important market. There has been ups and downs. But otherwise, it’s an important market overall for the industry and for Jumac also,” he stated.

Despite entering the market relatively late, Jumac has secured a substantial market share and enjoys the loyalty of Turkish customers. “Turkish customers are very happy with our products. We have a few very big and reputed customers who are our repeat buyers,” Fogla added, highlighting the widespread acceptance of Jumac’s quality and products in the Turkish market.

Looking ahead, Fogla expressed optimism about the future of the spinning industry in Turkey and Jumac’s continued growth and success. “So overall, our quality and our product is very well accepted in this market,” he concluded confidently, signaling a bright future for Jumac in Turkey and beyond.

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