June 22, 2024

‘The Stability & Support From Indian Market Provide Strong Foundation For Kusters Calico’s Growth’, Says MD Sushil Verma

Kusters Calico Machinery Pvt. Ltd embarked on a significant expansion just a few months ago, setting the stage for future growth and innovation. Sushil Verma, Managing Director of Kusters Calico Machinery, spoke to Textile Insights on the company’s recent expansion and its impact on their business trajectory.

“We have decided that let’s first create a space, then the infrastructure which included the new machines we have installed,” Verma explained. This expansion included the installation of state-of-the-art turning centres up to 5 metres and the first-time introduction of grinding machines for both rubber and steel. The infrastructure upgrade transformed the entire manufacturing setup into a CNC machine-dominated space.

Investing in Infrastructure and Manpower
The expansion was not limited to just physical infrastructure. Verma emphasized the company’s investment in manpower, recruiting new talent to handle the increased workload. This move was crucial, especially with the introduction of new product lines such as the décor printing line.

“We have recently added the décor printing which is done on the paper and then from the paper it is transferred to the laminates,” Verma said. This new addition is supported by the Jagenberg group, which recently acquired a company in Germany. They will give the concept, complete design and manufacturing process, while the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), will be managed by us in India. The company has already secured the first two orders from Turkey.

Additionally, the company introduced a rewinder specifically for the décor printing line. “Once you do the printing on the paper roll, then you have to slit it. So for that we have taken order for three machines for the slitting and they are going to different parts of the world,” Verma noted.

Global Expansion and Future Plans
Kusters Calico’s expansion is not just limited to infrastructure and manpower. The company is exploring collaborations with other manufacturers for producing their machines in India, both within and outside their group. This could be through technology transfers or royalty-based agreements. The manufacturing area has expanded from 70,000 square feet to 170,000 square feet to accommodate this growth.

Reflecting on the Past Fiscal Year
Reflecting on the past fiscal year, Verma reported substantial growth for the company. “We have done a good growth, our growth was almost 70% in FY2024 over the previous year,” he said. This impressive growth is a key driver behind the ongoing expansion, as the company anticipates more business from within and outside the group. Kusters Calico has successfully sold coating and lamination machines to various international markets including the US, Russia, Turkey, Peru and Israel.

Optimism for the Future
Despite these challenges, Verma remains optimistic about the overall business climate in India. “The overall business in India is good and we have been doing well,” he said. The stability and support from the Indian market provide a strong foundation for the company’s growth. Although export markets in Europe and the US are experiencing downturns, the robust domestic consumption in India mitigates these impacts.

“We are very happy, we are expanding, we are growing and business is also growing,” Verma concluded, highlighting the company’s positive outlook and commitment to continued growth and innovation.

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